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  • Animation

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    ... application, while increasing the overall user-experience. With competencies in both 2D and 3D animation, Janmedia can build custom live-art for all your interactive needs. Janmedia's core of design and programming talent vibrantly captures client visions and applies them...... and more. Enhance your digital experiences through custom animation. For more information about Janmedia’s Animation offerings click here .

  • Digital Production

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    ... mobile applications, access and demand for rich media content is increasing with each passing day. Janmedia has considerable experience conceptualizing, designing and producing rich media material...... graphics to create an interactive presentation, or splicing together stock video with a custom voiceover, Janmedia can provide professional digital production services for all your needs. Captivate and Engage. For more information about Janmedia's Digital Production services click here .

  • Custom Programming

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    Different applications require varying technological support to power them. Janmedia’s programming team can develop custom applications, web-based and other , leveraging a number of diverse...... PostgreSQL • IBM DB2 • MySQL • MS SQL • MS Access For more information about Janmedia's Custom Programming services click here .

  • Careers

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    Creative license in a creative environment. Janmedia appreciates that an organization is only as good as the individual talent that comprises it. At Janmedia, we believe that we cannot evolve unless we let each team member realize their dreams and...... with energetic, high-spirited individuals who strive to make each product better than the one before, Janmedia may be the place for you. If you also believe that people working together can improve the world around us, Janmedia is the place for you! Current Opening(s): Project Manager Janmedia is a quickly growing digital agency, seeking a seasoned Project Manager who will be...

  • Product Design

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    By composing a blueprint from the ground-up, Janmedia will deliver solutions that ultimately serve as your digital products' foundation . Constructing successful interactive applications require...... expertise far exceeding a general understanding of graphic design and programming. This is exactly why Janmedia utilizes experienced Product Designers to apply the upfront consultation and diligence...... your message to your target audience? Through detailed preliminary research and upfront preparation, Janmedia's Product Design team meticulously crafts intuitive new media blue prints to guide each...... Conceptualization • Site Mapping • Wire Framing and Use Case Iteration For more information about Janmedia's Product Design services click here .

  • Usability

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    ... application how easy it is to use. From design to graphical and functional development, usability serves as Janmedia’s core focus. By staying abreast of the latest industry standards and best practices, as well as operating in accordance with W3C supported initiatives, Janmedia is able to balance proven efficiencies with tested behavior usability data to create the...... addition to our ground-up development considerations applied in user-centered design and usability, Janmedia also offers direct usability consultation including: • Application analysis and...... complicated functioning applications into the simplest of user interfaces. For more information about Janmedia's Usability services click here .

  • Responsive Web Design

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    Adaptable interfaces that optimize the user experience regardless of the viewing platform. Janmedia develops web solutions that respond the to the Internet device, traditional or mobile , without sacrificing functionality, portability or design . Janmedia recognizes with the growing number of mobile internet devices (MIDs), the increased...... Web traffic is channeled through MIDs, which will continue to increase rapidly over the coming years. Janmedia leverages adaptable design and programming initiatives to ensure your websites are...... standardized branding - Customized interfaces for Traditional, Phone and Tablet For more information about Janmedia's about Responsive Web Design, click here .