Product DesignProduct Design

By composing a blueprint from the ground-up, Janmedia will deliver solutions that ultimately serve as your digital products' foundation.

Constructing successful interactive applications require professional expertise far exceeding a general understanding of graphic design and programming. This is exactly why Janmedia utilizes experienced Product Designers to apply the upfront consultation and diligence necessary to create effective digital campaigns.

Does your current web presence reflect the breadth of your service offerings? Are you accurately communicating your message to your target audience?

Through detailed preliminary research and upfront preparation, Janmedia's Product Design team meticulously crafts intuitive new media blue prints to guide each phase of development. Effective new media campaigns require comprehensive analysis.

Analysis and Design activities include:

•    Goal Targeting
•    Competitive Research
•    Content Structuring
•    Layout Conceptualization
•    Site Mapping
•    Wire Framing and Use Case Iteration

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