Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Design

Adaptable interfaces that optimize the user experience regardless of the viewing platform. Janmedia develops web solutions that respond the to the Internet device, traditional or mobile, without sacrificing functionality, portability or design.

Janmedia recognizes with the growing number of mobile internet devices (MIDs), the increased availability of data networks (3/4G) and open wireless hostspots, more and more consumer and business-related Web activity is shifting from traditional computing devices to smart phones and tablets.

Currently, over 20% of the US and Canada’s Web traffic is channeled through MIDs, which will continue to increase rapidly over the coming years.  Janmedia leverages adaptable design and programming initiatives to ensure your websites are effective whether accessed via laptop, phone or tablet.

Responsive Web Design is integrated throughout the entire development process, from preliminary product design and graphical composition phases, through system programming. All content is stored and delivered from a single application source, and the appropriate viewing dimensions are served based on the user’s browser and device settings.

Ultimately, these design initiatives allow the website to standardize content and branding themes and effectively communicate them to site visitors regardless of the viewing platform.

Responsive Web Design includes the use of:

- HTML5 / CSS3
- JavaScript (JQuery and other available libraries)
- Flexibly adaptable layouts with standardized branding
- Customized interfaces for Traditional, Phone and Tablet

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