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  • Architecture

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    Whether constructing a complex digital application or restructuring an existing data system, Janmedia will engineer the most efficient path to success With the growing abundance and accessibility of...... when constructing a new web system, or reviewing the effectiveness of an existing digital application. Janmedia’s panoptic approach to system architecture provides emphasis on both the end-user...... Diagramming • Modeling • System Analysis • Wireframe Mock-ups For more information about Janmedia's Architecture offerings click here .

  • Branding

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    ... the web can ultimately serve as a springboard to success, or merely a vehicle for lost opportunity. Janmedia recognizes that a brand encompasses more than just a logo. Branding also represents a...... Identity packaging • Style guides • Print materials • Digital collateral • Themes Janmedia offers comprehensive corporate identity design and promotion services for your company's needs. For more information about Janmedia’s Branding offerings click here .

  • Custom Graphics

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    ... Graphically presenting information can be a far more effective way to present data in an interesting manner. Janmedia can assist in generating custom graphics to support any design engagement. Janmedia produces aesthetically elegant and charming custom design work to support any graphic...... Prototyping • Dynamic Charts • 2/3D Modeling • Posters For more information about Janmedia's Custom Graphic offerings click here .

  • Media Server

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    Looking for some additional hosting horsepower to stream a live event? Janmedia through the use of housed media servers and CDN relationships can provide large-scale live streaming, and video on-demand, support for all your multimedia content needs. Janmedia's media server platform offers high performance with special consideration to transmission...... server for events such as: • Conferences • Press and release campaigns • Training Janmedia provides a full range of collaborative streaming services, including strategic planning...... -- such as fixed number of attendees, bandwidth consumption, and more. For more information about Janmedia's Media Server offerings click here .

  • Partners

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    Janmedia values its relationships with leading providers of technology services , who serve as our partners in building your success. Sun Microsystems- leading provider of industrial-strength...... software, and services that make up The World Wide Web. By partnering through the iForce Partner Program, Janmedia's software development team helps bring Sun's vision of "Write Once, Run Everywhere"...... process unlimited transactions from anywhere in the world. As an Authorize.Net Integration Partner, Janmedia consults and performs implementation of their transaction systems for U.S. based Clients.