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  • Joseph Kahn

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    Through the use of Janmedia’s Rainforest® Media Server technology the entire site including all Flash elements are dynamic, allowing for the client to upload new videos and commercials...... the web based administration console. Through the collaboration of creative and development teams, Janmedia was able to produce an Addy Award winning web system for the client, successfully bringing...... works and learn more about the very talented director. This project was also very fulfilling for the Janmedia staff involved as it allowed our creative talent on both ends of the design and...

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

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    ... web applications require a hosting platform outside of the traditional shared and dedicated options . Janmedia also offers virtual private server hosting, providing our clients greater flexibility,...... Managed VPS is a good solution for clients who are looking to manage web properties through the use of Janmedia provided panel tools. You will be able to safely add web sites, email accounts and manage domains and databases. Janmedia will be responsible for security aspects, data backups and software updates. Root VPS This option provides the greatest amount of flexibility as Janmedia will provide full access privileges, allowing you to install, configure and manage the server remotely. For more information about Janmedia's Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings click here .

  • The World Bank

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    ... did not have the authority to commission changes to the globally utilized Content Management System . Janmedia's Customizable Content Masking (C-MASK) technology was designed for just this type of...... goals were met in a timely fashion and this project has since moved on to a second phase. Phase two of Janmedia’s ongoing work with World Bank includes implementing C-MASK technology and the development of new style sheets for the organization's South Asian Region web sites. Janmedia now continues to support several of the World Bank’s core divisions including Europe...

  • Time Warner Cable

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    ... behavioral practices and a usability study. After completion of the required analytical diligence, Janmedia structured the client provided content in an intuitive, user-friendly interface for maximum...... Eclipse environment for J2EE. The collateral campaign undertaken by Time Warner Cable, spearheaded by the Janmedia interactive presentation, was so successful that it was reintroduced the following season with updates provided by Janmedia and is still actively deployed today.

  • Managed Hosting

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    ... hosting strategy is instrumental to ensuring the availability of your web properties to your clients. Janmedia comprises and deploys customized hosting solutions to ensure the appropriate resources are powering your website. Janmedia is a tier 1 hosting provider, offering a comprehensive range of managed enterprise hosting...... generator and UPS power back-ups • Redundant access to multiple Tier 1 internet back-bones Choose Janmedia’s Managed Hosting Solutions and let us maintain your hosting infrastructure,...... you can turn your attention to supporting and growing your organization. For more information about Janmedia's Managed Hosting services click here .

  • Web Design

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    Effective Web Design not only includes graphical proficiency, but also competent site architecture. Janmedia's creative team composes web interfaces that successfully blend artistic and strategic...... imagery? These are important considerations that largely factor in the performance of your website. Janmedia’s creative team offers professional web design services for engagements such as: ...... sites • Microsites • eCommerce & eLearning • Multimedia For more information about Janmedia’s Web Design initiatives, please click here .