Pretty doesn’t always equal effective. The key to any successful digital application how easy it is to use. 

From design to graphical and functional development, usability serves as Janmedia’s core focus. By staying abreast of the latest industry standards and best practices, as well as operating in accordance with W3C supported initiatives, Janmedia is able to balance proven efficiencies with tested behavior usability data to create the ultimate user friendly environment.

Easy to find. Easy to use. Easy to understand.

In addition to our ground-up development considerations applied in user-centered design and usability, Janmedia also offers direct usability consultation including:

•    Application analysis and summary
•    User-testing
•    Eye-tracking system performance review
•    Interface Mock-ups
•    Mapping

Regardless of how sophisticated an interactive feature might be, the benefits associated by offering it disappear if users have a difficult job understanding it.

Our goal is to transform the most complicated functioning applications into the simplest of user interfaces.

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