Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable was looking for an effective interactive marketing collateral piece that would facilitate and improve upon B2B performance. This presentation was to be utilized by Time Warner Cable business developers while introducing business competencies as well as promoting the broad assortment of industry leading services within the their portfolio.

The Janmedia Project team was first tasked with the initial artistic conceptualization for the overall presentation architecture. The first step was for our team of analysts and artists to produce a high resolution 3D animation showcasing Time Warner and its subsequent divisions.

This process included storyboarding, detailed wire-frames and the deployment and utilization of sophisticated Lightwave 3D studio technology to capture the far scope and reach of the Time Warner family. The result was an effective 60 second presentation introduction. 
The next task was to build a successful static presentation component that would allow users to drill into specific content areas and learn more about the specific service offerings of Time Warner Cable. Constructing this section required considerable research into behavioral practices and a usability study. After completion of the required analytical diligence, Janmedia structured the client provided content in an intuitive, user-friendly interface for maximum retention of information by the end user.

The final product was a highly applauded rich media presentation that had been successfully built utilizing Lightwave 3D studio, Flash MX Professional and the Eclipse environment for J2EE. The collateral campaign undertaken by Time Warner Cable, spearheaded by the Janmedia interactive presentation, was so successful that it was reintroduced the following season with updates provided by Janmedia and is still actively deployed today.