Virtual Private Servers (VPS)Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Some web applications require a hosting platform outside of the traditional shared and dedicated options. Janmedia also offers virtual private server hosting, providing our clients greater flexibility, and offering both managed and root VPS capabilities.


With virtualization, a server is partitioned into several smaller dedicated hosting environments. Each will have separate access to hardware resources, can utilize different operating systems, and can be managed independently. Our customers, whether leveraging a managed VPS or root VPS platform, will receive core processor, dedicated CPU, RAM and virtual memory. You are also guaranteed to have no more than 7 other virtual hosting accounts attached to your machine.

Managed VPS
Managed VPS is a good solution for clients who are looking to manage web properties through the use of Janmedia provided panel tools. You will be able to safely add web sites, email accounts and manage domains and databases. Janmedia will be responsible for security aspects, data backups and software updates.

Root VPS
This option provides the greatest amount of flexibility as Janmedia will provide full access privileges, allowing you to install, configure and manage the server remotely.

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