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  • Usability

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    Pretty doesn’t always equal effective. The key to any successful digital application how easy it is to use. From design to graphical and functional development, usability serves as Janmedia’s core focus. By staying abreast of the latest industry standards and best practices, as well as operating in accordance with W3C supported initiatives, Janmedia is able to balance proven efficiencies with tested behavior usability data to create the ultimate user friendly environment. Easy to ...

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

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    With desktop application functionality and environment yet hosted and distributed via the web, RIA's offer a dynamic opportunity to engage users with rich media content. Janmedia implements RIA's that seamlessly blend the web with the traditional desktop app experience. Application or website? What's the difference these days? Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are not a new concept. They have been referred to as different names along the way, including Remote Scripting and X Internet. In simp...

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

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    Some web applications require a hosting platform outside of the traditional shared and dedicated options . Janmedia also offers virtual private server hosting, providing our clients greater flexibility, and offering both managed and root VPS capabilities. With virtualization, a server is partitioned into several smaller dedicated hosting environments. Each will have separate access to hardware resources, can utilize different operating systems, and can be managed independently. Our customers, w...

  • Managed Hosting

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    A professional hosting strategy is instrumental to ensuring the availability of your web properties to your clients. Janmedia comprises and deploys customized hosting solutions to ensure the appropriate resources are powering your website. Janmedia is a tier 1 hosting provider, offering a comprehensive range of managed enterprise hosting services to meet a diverse spectrum of client needs and service expectations. We are currently operating in 2 data centers located in the United States and ...