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  • Joseph Kahn

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    Through the use of Janmedia’s Rainforest® Media Server technology the entire site including all Flash elements are dynamic, allowing for the client to upload new videos and commercials easily. The system utilizes XML-Flash Video integration to allow the upload of diverse rich media content via the web based administration console. Through the collaboration of creative and development teams, Janmedia was able to produce an Addy Award winning web system for the client, successfully brin...

  • Product Design

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    By composing a blueprint from the ground-up, Janmedia will deliver solutions that ultimately serve as your digital products' foundation . Constructing successful interactive applications require professional expertise far exceeding a general understanding of graphic design and programming. This is exactly why Janmedia utilizes experienced Product Designers to apply the upfront consultation and diligence necessary to create effective digital campaigns. Does your current web presence reflect the...

  • The World Bank

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    The next hurdle was providing the ability to create a unique look and feel specific to individual regions. Although region specific Bank staff managing had the capability to develop their own layouts and style sheets in principal, this was technically unachievable because they did not have the authority to commission changes to the globally utilized Content Management System . Janmedia's Customizable Content Masking (C-MASK) technology was designed for just this type of situation: This technolog...