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  • Animation

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    Animated graphics can add a dynamic sense of interactivity to a digital application, while increasing the overall user-experience. With competencies in both 2D and 3D animation, Janmedia can build custom live-art for all your interactive needs. Janmedia's core of design and programming talent vibrantly captures client visions and applies them directly toward digital mediums. Our animations are seamlessly integrated with other appropriate new media content within your system, culminating in an ...

  • Digital Production

    Dopasowanie: 35%

    Delivery of rich media content is only getting easier. Whether utilizing tradional multimedia vehicles such as the web or DVD, or leveraging relatively newer mediums such as mobile applications, access and demand for rich media content is increasing with each passing day. Janmedia has considerable experience conceptualizing, designing and producing rich media material for a multitude of varying delivery mechanisms. Our digital production services include: • Interactive presentations &b...

  • Custom Graphics

    Dopasowanie: 35%

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphically presenting information can be a far more effective way to present data in an interesting manner. Janmedia can assist in generating custom graphics to support any design engagement. Janmedia produces aesthetically elegant and charming custom design work to support any graphic needs. Custom design work includes: • Infographics • Prototyping • Dynamic Charts • 2/3D Modeling • Posters For more information about Janmedi...

  • Web Solutions

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    With the increasing accessibility to high-speed connectivity, availability of internet-ready devices and quickly scaling hosting platforms , the value of effective web properties will continue to expand. Janmedia’s programming team produces custom enterprise web solutions extensible to all your digital business needs. We maintain a diverse programming team familiar with various programming languages and popular technical frameworks - including open source and proprietary. Our technology...

  • Mobile

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    Looking to communicate with your clients on the go? Janmedia can help you capitalize on the exploding smart phone and tablet market by creating custom mobile web interfaces and applications. As more and more of the traditional web browsing experience is transitioning from the PC/Mac world to devices such as smart phones and tablets, having a customized mobile friendly user-experience is a critical component to any marketing apparatus. Whether developing a website interface optimized for mobile...

  • Media Server

    Dopasowanie: 35%

    Looking for some additional hosting horsepower to stream a live event? Janmedia through the use of housed media servers and CDN relationships can provide large-scale live streaming, and video on-demand, support for all your multimedia content needs. Janmedia's media server platform offers high performance with special consideration to transmission security. Our clients have utilized our media server for events such as: • Conferences • Press and release campaigns • Training J...

  • Custom Programming

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    Different applications require varying technological support to power them. Janmedia’s programming team can develop custom applications, web-based and other , leveraging a number of diverse programming languages and technical frameworks. • Java • JavaScript/AJAX • XML • PHP • HTML5 • Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR • Oracle • PostgreSQL • IBM DB2 • MySQL • MS SQL • MS Access For more information about Janmedia's Custom Programming servic...

  • Contact

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    We are a comprehensive digital agency with a diverse portfolio of consultative, design and technological services. We're always looking for opportunities to connect with interesting companies and...

  • Values

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    Since its inception in 2002, Janmedia has been operating as an fully-interactive design studio, dedicated to providing our clients comprehensive services to the best of its abilities. Janmedia's dedication to it's work within the new media stems from its passion to extend goodwill in the world. Our definition of success extends past the bottom line, coupled with the continued pursuit of sustainability , and other similar movements that better the human experience . Janmedia applies conscientio...