Rich Internet Applications (RIA)Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

With desktop application functionality and environment yet hosted and distributed via the web, RIA's offer a dynamic opportunity to engage users with rich media content. Janmedia implements RIA's that seamlessly blend the web with the traditional desktop app experience. 

Application or website? What's the difference these days?

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are not a new concept. They have been referred to as different names along the way, including Remote Scripting and X Internet. In simple terms, a rich internet application (or RIA) is an application that has the features and functionalities of a traditional desktop application, yet are hosted, accessed and delivered via the internet.

Such web-based applications are becoming more popularized due to cheaper server storage and the increasing broadband pipeline.  

Janmedia RIA technology solutions include:

•    Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR
•    JavaScript / Ajax
•    Java applets and applications
•    Google's GWT framework
•    Microsoft Silverlight
•    ActiveX controls
•    OpenLaszlo

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