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  • Fairfax Partnership

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    Upon completion of the wireframe concepts the creative team went to work and designed a graphical theme that worked well with the Partnership's new logo. Then, once the graphical line was approved our...

  • The State Theatre

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    Once a design line was approved a Janmedia flash artist implemented the homepage animation effects while our programmers integrated a content management system which was custom programmed to provide...

  • Values

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    Since its inception in 2002, Janmedia has been operating as an fully-interactive design studio, dedicated to providing our clients comprehensive services to the best of its abilities. Janmedia's...... rainforest from logging while supporting the indigenous communities that reside within Interactive design for the Stop Violence Against Women campaign in Central Europe, an initiative of Amnesty International Design and consulting in support of the Bonobo Ape conservation movement Branding support for the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade Design and implementation of Web sites supporting the young people residing in Fairfax County, VA...

  • Contact

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    We are a comprehensive digital agency with a diverse portfolio of consultative, design and technological services. We're always looking for opportunities to connect with interesting companies and...

  • Clients

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    Janmedia's clients include international corporations, small to large businesses, non-profit groups and entertainment professionals . We pride ourselves in servicing a wide range of industries and flexibly delivering custom solutions based on our clients' individual needs....