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  • Digital Production

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    ... content is increasing with each passing day. Janmedia has considerable experience conceptualizing, designing and producing rich media material for a multitude of varying delivery mechanisms. Our...

  • Web Solutions

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    ... department implements web solutions constructed from the outside-in, with user-centered principles of design guiding the development process. Having a flexible approach to technology ensures that the...

  • Mobile

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    Looking to communicate with your clients on the go? Janmedia can help you capitalize on the exploding smart phone and tablet market by creating custom mobile web interfaces and applications. As more and more of the traditional web browsing experience is transitioning from the PC/Mac world to devices such as smart phones and tablets, having a customized mobile friendly user-experience is a critical component to any marketing apparatus. Whether developing a website interface optimized for mobile...

  • Media Server

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    Looking for some additional hosting horsepower to stream a live event? Janmedia through the use of housed media servers and CDN relationships can provide large-scale live streaming, and video on-demand, support for all your multimedia content needs. Janmedia's media server platform offers high performance with special consideration to transmission security. Our clients have utilized our media server for events such as: • Conferences • Press and release campaigns • Training J...

  • Partners

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    Janmedia values its relationships with leading providers of technology services , who serve as our partners in building your success. Sun Microsystems- leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software, and services that make up The World Wide Web. By partnering through the iForce Partner Program, Janmedia's software development team helps bring Sun's vision of "Write Once, Run Everywhere" into reality. Geotrust - the world's second-largest digital certificate provider and a lea...

  • The World Bank

    Dopasowanie: 21%

    ... utilized Content Management System . Janmedia's Customizable Content Masking (C-MASK) technology was designed for just this type of situation: This technology functions as an overlay that integrates...