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  • Information Request

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    To obtain additional information about our services or to schedule a project consultation please fill out the form below. If you prefer to speak with someone immediately please call us at 1 (800) 566-8009 or 1 (703) 992-9400 ....

  • Architecture

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    Whether constructing a complex digital application or restructuring an existing data system, Janmedia will engineer the most efficient path to success With the growing abundance and accessibility of data across various digital extensions, a greater premium is placed on effective system architecture. Is your content well-organized? Is your data format scalable? Does it expand to varying display mediums? These are extremely important considerations when constructing a new web system, or revie...

  • Animation

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    ... animation, Janmedia can build custom live-art for all your interactive needs. Janmedia's core of design and programming talent vibrantly captures client visions and applies them directly toward...

  • Custom Programming

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    Different applications require varying technological support to power them. Janmedia’s programming team can develop custom applications, web-based and other , leveraging a number of diverse programming languages and technical frameworks. • Java • JavaScript/AJAX • XML • PHP • HTML5 • Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR • Oracle • PostgreSQL • IBM DB2 • MySQL • MS SQL • MS Access For more information about Janmedia's Custom Programming servic...