Since its inception in 2002, Janmedia has been operating as an fully-interactive design studio, dedicated to providing our clients comprehensive services to the best of its abilities.

Janmedia's dedication to it's work within the new media stems from its passion to extend goodwill in the world. Our definition of success extends past the bottom line, coupled with the continued pursuit of sustainability, and other similar movements that better the human experience. Janmedia applies conscientiousness towards both digital services, as well as societal and environmental initiatives. 

We abide by an exceptional commitment toward innovation, employing unique concepts, and deriving original technologies. We maintain a proactive approach in our development process, and recognize the importance of an unrelenting search for advancement in both technology and service.

Janmedia maintains a commitment to providing Clients with a quality of interactive products and support that is both competitive and well constructed. We commit to ensuring that our operating processes and corporate goals run in parallel with our core values. Ultimately, it's this commitment that inspires Janmedia to both serve unremittingly for its clients and continually lead within the dynamically changing world of digital communications.

Giving Back
We recognize that our growth and success as a company cannot occur without the supportive communities of which are members. Janmedia feels there is no better way to say "Thank you" than by sharing the wealth of our accumulated knowledge in the form of our charitable Pro Bono Support Program.

Public Service
Beginning with our roots as a one person start-up, Janmedia has strived to make a worthwhile difference in situations where someone actively reaches out for our assistance.

Some of our recent efforts include:

  • Supporting the Rainforest Alliance in rescuing large portions of Amazon rainforest from logging while supporting the indigenous communities that reside within
  • Interactive design for the Stop Violence Against Women campaign in Central Europe, an initiative of Amnesty International
  • Design and consulting in support of the Bonobo Ape conservation movement
  • Branding support for the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade
  • Design and implementation of Web sites supporting the young people residing in Fairfax County, VA and in the surrounding areas.
  • Sponsoring Loudoun Storm in the 2010 10U Tournaments

To learn more about our core values and philanthropic efforts, please contact us.