We maintain an extensive staff of trained artists and designers that deliver creative solutions that match your personality. Janmedia's creative design studio is comprised of talented professionals with considerable experience in branding, animation and digital presentation.

  • Branding

    Nothing travels faster and farther than your digital brand. How you communicate your core services and values as a company through the web can ultimately serve as a springboard to success, or merely a vehicle for lost opportunity.


  • Web Design

    Effective Web Design not only includes graphical proficiency, but also competent site architecture. Janmedia's creative team composes web interfaces that successfully blend artistic and strategic design goals.


  • Animation

    Animated graphics can add a dynamic sense of interactivity to a digital application, while increasing the overall user-experience. With competencies in both 2D and 3D animation...


  • Digital Production

    Delivery of rich media content is only getting easier. Whether utilizing tradional multimedia vehicles such as the web or DVD, or leveraging relatively newer mediums such as mobile applications...


  • Custom Graphics

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphically presenting information can be a far more effective way to present data in an interesting manner. Janmedia can assist in generating custom graphics to support any design engagement.