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    General Electric...

  • Usability

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    Pretty doesn’t always equal effective. The key to any successful digital application how easy it is to use. From design to graphical and functional development, usability serves as Janmedia’s core focus. By staying abreast of the latest industry standards and best practices, as well as operating in accordance with W3C supported initiatives, Janmedia is able to balance proven efficiencies with tested behavior usability data to create the ultimate user friendly environment. Easy to ...

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    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative services and digital solutions, individually tailored to meet client needs....

  • Joseph Kahn

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    Through the use of Janmedia’s Rainforest® Media Server technology the entire site including all Flash elements are dynamic, allowing for the client to upload new videos and commercials easily. The system utilizes XML-Flash Video integration to allow the upload of diverse rich media content via the web based administration console. Through the collaboration of creative and development teams, Janmedia was able to produce an Addy Award winning web system for the client, successfully brin...