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  • Time Warner Cable

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    ... behavioral practices and a usability study. After completion of the required analytical diligence, Janmedia structured the client provided content in an intuitive, user-friendly interface for maximum retention of information by the end user. The final product was a highly applauded rich media presentation that had been successfully built utilizing Lightwave 3D studio, Flash MX...... environment for J2EE. The collateral campaign undertaken by Time Warner Cable, spearheaded by the Janmedia interactive presentation, was so successful that it was reintroduced the following season with updates provided by Janmedia and is still actively deployed today.

  • The World Bank

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    ... not have the authority to commission changes to the globally utilized Content Management System . Janmedia's Customizable Content Masking (C-MASK) technology was designed for just this type of...... were met in a timely fashion and this project has since moved on to a second phase. Phase two of Janmedia’s ongoing work with World Bank includes implementing C-MASK technology and the development of new style sheets for the organization's South Asian Region web sites. Janmedia now continues to support several of the World Bank’s core divisions including Europe and...