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  • Hosting

    Dopasowanie: 100%

    A web-application’s performance is only as good as its hosting platform. Janmedia staffs a team of highly qualified system administrators, a mature and stable network infrastructure, and offers competitive prices for all your hosting needs....

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

    Dopasowanie: 57%

    Some web applications require a hosting platform outside of the traditional shared and dedicated options . Janmedia also offers virtual private server hosting, providing our clients greater...... managed and root VPS capabilities. With virtualization, a server is partitioned into several smaller dedicated hosting environments. Each will have separate access to hardware resources, can utilize...... Our customers, whether leveraging a managed VPS or root VPS platform, will receive core processor, dedicated CPU, RAM and virtual memory. You are also guaranteed to have no more than 7 other virtual...

  • Services

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    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative services and digital solutions, individually tailored to meet client needs....

  • Managed Hosting

    Dopasowanie: 40%

    ... providing considerable resource flexibility and redundancy. We offer very accommodating portfolio of dedicated and shared hosting plans, that are competitively priced and can scale in either...

  • Media Server

    Dopasowanie: 36%

    ... broadcast, player customization and web application support, and posting video to the web. We offer both dedicated and shared streaming, and can customize participation attributes and limits --...

  • Values

    Dopasowanie: 35%

    Since its inception in 2002, Janmedia has been operating as an fully-interactive design studio, dedicated to providing our clients comprehensive services to the best of its abilities. Janmedia's...

  • Fairfax Partnership

    Dopasowanie: 25%

    ... of after-school and summer activities available to area teens. Featured providers were listed in a dedicated area and project partners received recognition as well. Overall, the project was...