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  • World Strides

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    World Strides

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  • The World Bank

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    ... this project has since moved on to a second phase. Phase two of Janmedia’s ongoing work with World Bank includes implementing C-MASK technology and the development of new style sheets for the organization's South Asian Region web sites. Janmedia now continues to support several of the World Bank’s core divisions including Europe and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and the World Bank Institute.

  • Partners

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    ... Microsystems- leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software, and services that make up The World Wide Web. By partnering through the iForce Partner Program, Janmedia's software development team helps bring Sun's vision of "Write Once, Run Everywhere" into reality. Geotrust - the world's second-largest digital certificate provider and a leader in a wide variety of Identity and...... secure, scalable solutions that enable merchants to process unlimited transactions from anywhere in the world. As an Authorize.Net Integration Partner, Janmedia consults and performs implementation...

  • Mobile

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    ... applications. As more and more of the traditional web browsing experience is transitioning from the PC/Mac world to devices such as smart phones and tablets, having a customized mobile friendly...