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  • Web Design

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    Effective Web Design not only includes graphical proficiency, but also competent site architecture. Janmedia's creative team composes web interfaces that successfully blend artistic and strategic design goals. Simply appending pretty imagery to a website far from represents an effective design plan. Thriving digital campaigns possess the appropriate balance between the aesthetic and functional features of the site. Is your website successfully communicating your intended message? Do your graphical branding elements...

  • Web Solutions

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    ... availability of internet-ready devices and quickly scaling hosting platforms , the value of effective web properties will continue to expand. Janmedia’s programming team produces custom enterprise web solutions extensible to all your digital business needs. We maintain a diverse programming team...... technical frameworks - including open source and proprietary. Our technology department implements web solutions constructed from the outside-in, with user-centered principles of design guiding the...... flexible approach to technology ensures that the user experience is not sacrificed for function. Custom Web Solutions include: • Content Management Systems (CMS) • eCommerce •...

  • Raiffeisen Bank

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    Raiffeisen Bank...

  • General Electric

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    General Electric...

  • Technology

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    Our programming staff is well versed in leading web and mobile technologies. We develop custom solutions for content management, eCommerce, mobile and rich internet applications that scale with your...

  • Mobile

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    ... Janmedia can help you capitalize on the exploding smart phone and tablet market by creating custom mobile web interfaces and applications. As more and more of the traditional web browsing experience is transitioning from the PC/Mac world to devices such as smart phones and...... friendly user-experience is a critical component to any marketing apparatus. Whether developing a website interface optimized for mobile browsers, or creating an application for Android OS or iOS,...

  • Responsive Web Design

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    ... interfaces that optimize the user experience regardless of the viewing platform. Janmedia develops web solutions that respond the to the Internet device, traditional or mobile , without sacrificing...... availability of data networks (3/4G) and open wireless hostspots, more and more consumer and business-related Web activity is shifting from traditional computing devices to smart phones and tablets. Currently, over 20% of the US and Canada’s Web traffic is channeled through MIDs, which will continue to increase rapidly over the coming years. Janmedia leverages adaptable design and programming initiatives to ensure your websites are effective whether accessed via laptop, phone or tablet. Responsive Web Design is integrated throughout the entire development process, from preliminary product design...

  • Services

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    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative services and digital solutions, individually tailored to meet client needs....