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  • Hosting

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    A web-application’s performance is only as good as its hosting platform. Janmedia staffs a team of highly qualified system administrators, a mature and stable network infrastructure, and offers competitive prices for all your hosting needs.

  • Managed Hosting

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    A professional hosting strategy is instrumental to ensuring the availability of your web properties to your clients. Janmedia comprises and deploys customized hosting solutions to ensure the appropriate resources are powering your website. Janmedia is a tier 1 hosting provider, offering a comprehensive range of managed enterprise hosting services to meet a diverse spectrum of client needs and service expectations. We are...

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

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    Some web applications require a hosting platform outside of the traditional shared and dedicated options . Janmedia also offers virtual private server hosting, providing our clients greater flexibility, and offering both managed and root VPS capabilities. With virtualization, a server is partitioned into several smaller dedicated hosting environments. Each will have separate access to hardware resources, can utilize different...... dedicated CPU, RAM and virtual memory. You are also guaranteed to have no more than 7 other virtual hosting accounts attached to your machine. Managed VPS Managed VPS is a good solution for...

  • Services

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    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative services and digital solutions, individually tailored to meet client needs....

  • Web Solutions

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    ... accessibility to high-speed connectivity, availability of internet-ready devices and quickly scaling hosting platforms , the value of effective web properties will continue to expand. ...

  • Media Server

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    Looking for some additional hosting horsepower to stream a live event? Janmedia through the use of housed media servers and CDN relationships can provide large-scale live streaming, and video...

  • DNS Nameserver Support

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    Janmedia is in the process of upgrading hosting services. Please update your DNS Nameservers for all your domains that impact your website and email by Thursday, June 19th. The information below...... click Save Changes at the bottom. Your entries should look like this: NS1.JANMEDIA.COM NS4.HOSTING360.PL NetworkSolutions.com To resolve or point your domain name to another...... list of existing name servers -- your entries should look like this: NS1.JANMEDIA.COM NS4.HOSTING360.PL You can only create new name servers that contain the domain name that you...... would like to list as authoritative for your domain name . The nameservers are: NS1.JANMEDIA.COM NS4.HOSTING360.PL Registrants of .org addresses should note that the registry requires two unique...