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  • National Training Center

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    National Training Center...

  • Branding

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    ... faster and farther than your digital brand. How you communicate your core services and values as a company through the web can ultimately serve as a springboard to success, or merely a vehicle for...... Branding also represents a portfolio of graphically and contextually based elements that reinforce a company's most critical message, ultimately shaping a corporate identity. We have considerable...... • Themes Janmedia offers comprehensive corporate identity design and promotion services for your company's needs. For more information about Janmedia’s Branding offerings click here .

  • DNS Nameserver Support

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    ... 24-48 hours later, your DNS change is done! Gandi.net You have just contracted with a (new) hosting company. You can update you domain name with their online tools. After this kind of change you...... If any doubt their support can help you, by email. Please also notice that using DNS of your hosting company is incompatible with using Gandi's DNS (redirections service, or zolefile configuration Customized DNS). You need to choose between Gandi's DNS or DNS of your hosting company, you can not combine both. Contact Gandi support team on this topic : Click here! If you...... administrative contact of the domain. Then you can write the technical information given by your hosting company: name and IP address of the nameservers NS1.JANMEDIA.COM NS4.HOSTING360.PL handle-GANDI of your hosting company, which will become the technical contact of the domain. All these information are only known by your hosting company. Gandi does not know these information, if necessary you would have to contact your hosting company. If you have problems to find the handle-GANDI of your hosting company, you can use your own handle for the moment. After your modification, Gandi will maintain...