Janmedia refreshes it's partnership with GeoTrust


April 19th, 2018, Washington, D.C. - Washington, D.C. area website and print design studio Janmedia Interactive Inc. has been a standard partner of GeoTrust for over 13 years. Over the years we have issued over 90 certificates to existing website design Clients primarily in North America and on occasion in Europe.

We continue to offer services in the procurement and installation of SSL Certificates, including wildcard certificates that cover multiple sub-domains and True Business ID certificates for businesses that take the extra step of verifying their identity. An SSL certificate by itself does not verify the identity of a business, only that the connection to their website is secure. In part because of this, we primarily offer SSL procurement services to known Clients that order other website design services from our company.

For Client's interested in other SSL certificate options besides GeoTrust we also offer certificates issued by our partner account with GlobalSign. We can also consult your organization in procurement and installation of SSL certificates issued by third parties.

If you have an inquiry feel free to contact us at 1 (703) 992-9400. Thank you for your interest in our services.


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  • 04/19/2018

    Janmedia refreshes it's partnership with GeoTrust
    Washington, D.C. area website and print design studio Janmedia Interactive Inc. is a long time standard partner of the GeoTrust SSL Certificate Authority. We continue to offer our Clients in America and in Europe certificates issued by GeoTrust.
  • 09/28/2017

    Janmedia works with BehaviorMatrix to create new site on Wordpress platform
    In March 2017 Janmedia was approached by the president of BehaviorMatrix and asked to build a new website for a division of the company
  • 03/11/2016

    Janmedia Interactive at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona
    Mobile World Congress, organized by GSM Association, is the largest and most influential event in the telecommunications industry. Nearly a hundred thousand participants, 8 enormous halls filled to the brim with the hottest in tech, keynotes of industry leaders and visionaries, and in the middle of all this - us.
  • 09/01/2015

    Janmedia in the METIS II project
    Janmedia has joined forces with 18 leading global technology companies working on 5G - the next generation of radio area network - in the METIS II project.
  • 03/15/2015

    New Website for the National Training Center
    We are pleased to announce the deployment of a new version of the E-learning platform for National Training Center, a leading training organization to the low voltage industry in the United States.

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